Spanish Sojourn: Tapas, Vermouth, Cider & More

I was honored to be invited by ACCE (Asociación de Cerveceros Caseros Españoles, Spain’s homebrewing association) to give a presentation at their annual convention in Bilbao. Of course I accepted and used it as an opportunity to explore Northern Spain a bit. The homebrew conference was like they all are: lots of thrillingly geeky and enthusiastic brewers looking to exchange information and enjoy each other’s company—and beers.


Recipe: Vermouth with a Spanish Accent

I had been researching and recreating antique vermouth recipes for some time before I was Invited to Northern Spain by Los Cerverceros Caseros, the Spanish homebrewers’ association. I was excited to see vermouth everywhere in Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid, and fascinated to see how the locals enjoyed it.