Presentation Topics:
Beer & Brewing​
Beer History

Beer has a history that goes way back to the beginnings of human societies and has been widespread in cultures across the globe. Many believe beer led to the domestication of grain and the birth of civilization itself in the ancient Middle East. It has played many central and indispensible roles in society ever since. Not only is all of this fascinating on its own, it shines a light on history and explains how the beer styles we know today came to be. Talks specializing in more specific topics like Belgium or the United States.

Time: one hour plus questions
Brewing Ingredients
Beer contains well over 2,000 aroma and flavor compounds, most of which come from its ingredients, particularly malt and hops. While they may seem simple products, each contains a whole universe of flavorful compounds. It’s been my observation that many practicing brewers have only a shorthand understanding of their complexities, and so miss many opportunities to fine tune brews or align them with flavor targets for particular beer styles. This class covers the biochemistry of brewing ingredients and the pathways and other causes of their formation, and reinforces that with nose-on sampling of many specific examples.
Time: One hour (lecture only); three hours with sample tasting
Beer Styles
Beer styles based on classic traditions and updated for current practice form the lens through beer is generally viewed. Understanding the origin and personalities of these styles is essential for any comprehensive understanding of beer today. I’ve been doing beer styles classes for brewers, distributors and Cicerone candidates for quite a while now, both through the Siebel Institute and on my own. While I have occasionally done short presentations that touch on and sample some of the major traditions, a solid introduction requires at least a full day. Two-day training digs deeper and covers more styles, including more modern, emerging ones. 
Time required: One- to two-day versions are norm. Shorter presentation may be appropriate in more entertaining contexts.
Beer New Product Development
Beer is a complex product, and the modern craft scene is a crowded and competitive market. This means it is hard to stand out and get noticed, but also means there are lots of opportunities to define your brand in creative and positioning terms to find your audience and succeed in the market. This workshop discusses issues around positioning and how to tell stories that define and expand your brand through the beers themselves. The second half of the workshop in which participants conceptualize and prototype products that can later be scaled up into production brews
Time: four to six hours

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