Meet Randy Mosher

Passion is Randy Mosher’s lodestar.

On any given day you might find him writing at his desk, researching in his library, welding in his basement workshop, creating a magnificent meal in the kitchen, traveling to some far-flung outpost to speak, or crafting a new beer or food recipe in his studio.

Long-ago trained in the creative arts, Randy boasts a 40-year pedigree in the multiple disciplines of product development, branding, graphic design, and copywriting. But wherever he turns his hand you can depend he will bring his abiding curiosity and boundless enthusiasm.

The sensory universe of taste drives Randy’s passion. When you meet him you quickly come to realize that flavor animates his world in a profound way.

When his passion for flavor meets his creative drive, whole families of off-spring issue forth: innovative beverage formulations, delectable culinary creations, home-run food and beverage pairings, penetrating branding strategies, innovative marketing imagery, and so much more.

He reaches a global audience through his many visually informative and engagingly written books. Appreciative patrons enjoy beers and foods at the restaurants Randy has helped to direct. His lectures are filled with “wow” moments and greeted with hearty applause.

When he meets a flavor-passionate fellow traveler he’s always ready to plumb their experiences and eager to share generously of his own expertise.

If I could pick one person to curate an undertaking related to flavor—whether a scientific conference, a colloquium of food and beverage professionals, or a tasting event for consumers—it would be Randy. His fount of ideas could frame an entire event and then fill his own keynote address with a pitch-perfect kick-off for the whole occasion.

On the personal side, Randy is based in Chicago and enjoys the company of his wife Nancy, two obstreperous cats, and a multitude of hungry and thirsty friends and family.

Writer, teacher, brewer, chef, advisor, explorer, creator. He is a renaissance man, but always at core, a master of flavor.

— Ray Daniels, Founder, Cicerone Certification Program