From intimate interactions to large-scale audience presentations, Randy uses many communication styles to unveil the facts behind the mystery of our fascinating experience with food and drink.

I’m fortunate to have been invited to present information and share my perspectives on various beer-related topics to groups on five continents. 

Each of my books creates interest, provides substance and suggests themes for lectures and workshops. 

As a creative professional, I love sharing knowledge and experience about the art and science involved in the things we eat and drink. I’ve always felt that information itself can’t be useful unless the creative spark is there to apply it and drive us on to the next question. Some of my presentations focus largely on creativity in order to support the more technical aspects. 

The presentations run the gamut from half-hour keynotes to multiday in-depth classes for professionals. 

Some subjects lend themselves to engaging hands-on workshops and appetizing tasting events.

Recent Event



Author Randy Mosher has spend the last four years digging through hundreds of scientific papers to learn the current perspective on everything having to do with tasting for a new book called Your Tasting Brain: How it works and How to Use It. It’s a lot. Thanks to advanced tools and techniques, there’s been a huge expansion in our understanding of how all of this works. From the biophysics of receptors, to neural processing, emotion, memory, language and cognitive mechanisms, the new research provides a much clearer picture of how we’re put together and offers a lot of valuable insights, both on the tasting and appreciation side as well as for brewing and flavor creation. This talk takes us on a tour of some of the new discoveries selected for their relevance to those of us in the brewing business. 



Craft Brewer’s Conference

The Venetian: Ballroom D

Las Vegas NV, 89101

(844) 208-3945



11:30 – 12:30 pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Randy speaking at the Forbidden Root Brewery in Columbus, Ohio with members of the SODZ (Scioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists) homebrewing club and Forbidden Root Columbus head brewer (second from right) Nick Gabriel.