As you can see, I'm engaged in a number of different activites that all swirl around my fascination for all things related to the world of beer.

Since 1990 I have pursued just about every beer-related creative project that has come my way, including writing books and articles, developing and teaching classes, consulting in branding, packaging design, and new product development including recipe formulation. This site is your portal into all of those pursuits and much more.

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I was lucky enough to be invited to judge at the recent Slow Beer competition in Celaya, Mexico. The state is Guanajuato, recently declared to be the least gastronomically developed in Mexico, but despite that, there are some exciting bright spots. Celaya is the heart of Mexico’s dairy goat industry, famous for its cheese as well as cajeta, a creamy caramel made from goat’s milk. More on that later.

My friend Marcelo from Brazil was in town yesterday and brought me a couple of surprises: A small cask made from umburana wood, meant for aging cachaça, and a slab of a highly aromatic wood referred to in Brazil as "balsam" (Myroxolon balsamum). I couldn't be more excited.

Sometimes you find the most wonderful treasures in the most unlikely places, but after some contemplation, they not only seem to make sense, but may even seem inevitable. I often search on eBay for art items with beery subject matter, like magazine illustrations or old genre prints of people drinking beer. Guess what I found this time.

This is a blog post I wrote in 2009 for Storey's Author Blog. It's an appreciation of my Dad on Father's Day.