I wrote this book as a follow up to Tasting Beer. As the title says, it’s all about drinking beer season by season. The book starts with some general beer basics and moves on to an overview of the historical seasonality of beer and the brewing process, and how those seasonal factors have resulted in many of the classic beers we enjoy today. It's a fun trip through the year, with lots of lists, sidebars and digressions, including:

  • Best Beers with Grilled Lamb
  • A Few June Wedding Beers (homebrew ideas)
  • Beers to Serve the Garden Club
  • Creative Lawnmower Beers
  • Shandy & Radler Recipes
  • Best Beers to Drink While Wearing Leather Shorts
  • Beers to Ring in the New Year

Every chapter has a spread dedicated to notable festivals, beer weeks and other beerworthy events worldwide, and the final chapter maps out a meandering, liver-splitting year-long world tour that hits all the beer highlights across the globe. 

It's a fun book aimed at enthusiasts of all levels (even strictly armchair), and is beautifully designed and filled with evocative old brewery-related imagery and gorgeous photos.




Best-selling beer author Randy Mosher leads you on a delicious tour of beer-tasting opportunities through the year. Organized by season, the book guides you through all the best summer fests and seasonal beer releases and helps you make the most of Craft Beer Week, Oktoberfest, and much more. It also describes the best beers to drink in each season — the ones that are perfect for lazy summer Saturdays, barbecues with friends, traditional Thanksgiving dinners, and icy winter nights. Fun, fresh, and full of inside information, A Beer for All Seasons will be on every beer lover’s wish list.


Foreword by Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Co.

Chapter 1: Beer, History and Agriculture

          A Bit of Background

          The Purposes of Beer

          Drinking with the Rhythm of the Seasons

Chapter 2: Getting the most from Your Year of Beer

          A Working Vocabulary of Beer Flavor

          Beer by the Numbers

          Tasting Expertise

          The act of Tasting

          A World of Styles and A Dictionary of Styles

          Serving, Pouring, Glassware and Storing

          A Few Words on Beer and Food

Chapter 3: Spring

          Bock Beer

          Best Beers with Grilled Lamb

          Beers for the Easter Basket

          What Mothers Really Want on Mother's Day

          Seasonal Events Roundup: April, May, June

Chapter 4: Summer

          Classic Lager Refreshers

          The Lighter Side of Ale

          Wit, Weisse and Weizen

          A Few June Wedding Homebrews

          Creative Lawnmower Beers

          It's Festival Time!

          Shandies, Radlers and Summer Blends

          Beers to Serve the Garden Club

          Beer and Barbecue

          Nothing Says "I Love You, Dad" Like Beer

          Seasonal Events Roundup: July, August, September

Chapter 5: Autumn

          The Spirit of Oktoberfest

          Best Beers to Drink While Wearing Leather Shorts

          Hop Harvest: Wet- and Fresh-Hopped Beers

          Best Harvest Beers

          The Spectacle of GABF

          The Rist of Pumpkin Beers

          Scariest Beers for Haloween

          Turkey Time!

          Seasonal Events Roundup:October, November, December

Chapter 6: Winter

          Wassail and Holiday Beers

          Warm Beer and Spices

          12 Beers of Christmas

          A Short History of Barleywine

          Aged beers and Vertical Tastings

          Beers to Ring in the New Year

          Beer, Chocolate and Valentine's Day

          A Few Not-So-Obvious Winter Beers

          Will it Ever be Spring?

          Seasonal Events Roundup: January, February, March

Chapter 7: Around the World in 80 Beers

          An impossible liver-splitting jaunt around the world that
          catches all the major beer events on six continents