There are loads of resources here for you, from books to appearance schedules to useful tools. Here's a few places to start:


Mastering Homebrew

My latest book is an all-purpose homebrewing book with an emphasis on ingredients, flavor and the recipe development process and creativity. Also brings a global point-of-view into homebrewing. Plenty of unique graphics and other tools.


Radical Brewing

An exploration of creativity in brewing, both modern and historical. While this was not written to be a brewer's first brewing book, there is plenty of theory and practice for it to work quite well in this role. 120+ recipes!


Tasting Beer

This is not strictly a homebrewing book, but your ability to taste strictly limits the quality of your beer. Knowing when and how a beer misses the mark in terms of style or technical quality help correct for next time and vastly improves your beer.


This enjoyable romp through a year of styles and occasions will give you a feel for the richness of seasonal brewing and plenty of ideas.

Homebrew Appearances

Check out my calendar. Half or more of my appearances and presentations are for homebrew audiences.If you are a club, I often make poresentations to homebrewing clubs and conferences around the world. Check the information towards the bottom of the link above for specifics.

Downloadable Tools

Brewing/Recipe Worksheets

From Mastering Homebrewing, resized to 8.5" x 11"

My current favorite single-page worksheet

Two-page worksheet originally from Brewer's Companion

Four-page worksheet originally from Brewer's Companion

Tasting Sheet

From Tasting Beer

Homebrew Articles & Recipes

All About Beer—I was the homebrewing columnist for 15 years.

Other Sources