Of course these are many different kinds of these and I have a number of different products and services that might be useful to yours, whether you're well-established or just getting rolling.

Creative Consulting, Branding and Packaging Design

I can offer comprehensive services from naming to branding and all the way to packaging.

In addition, I have some experience with new product and beer formula development, which you can find out about here.


I offer a range of customizable beer professional classes and have trained thousands of industry employees and entrepreneurs.

Presentations and Keynotes for General Audiences

I've presented on four continents for large and small audiences alike. Beer is a fascinating subject that illuminates many aspects of our culture, our history, our society and ourselves. For some suggested topics, click here and scoll down to the "Beer History and Business Interest Presentations" section, or follow the links at the top of that page based on your interests.


Tasting Beer

This book has become the standard reference manual for the industry, including the Cicerone program and the International Court of Sommeliers. Many breweries and beer distrinutors have made it required reading. For wholesale orders, check the links at the bottom of the Tasting Beer page. 

Siebel Classes

I teach a number of classes on beer styles, recipe formulation and beer and food appreciation for this famed brewing school, so for single candidates or small groups, this is the way to go.