Beer is a delicious beverake and has been part of human society for at least ten thousand years. Its long and fascinating history touche on almost all aspects of our lives. Because it's a mix of science, art and technology, beer offers something of interest for almost everybody.


I've written a lot of articles over the years, covering styles, brewing, tasting and techniology. For people new to beer, the ones of most imnterest might be the recent column for All About Beer, called The Taster. These cover beer and the way it interacts with our sensory systems and our minds.


Tasting Beer

This book is designed to give you a structured introduction to the basics of beer, from history to tasting to flavor vocabulary to styles. Along the way it also covers, the way beer is brewed, its measurable qualities, glassware, food pairing and more. It's become the standard giud in the industry on the subject and and a very good place to start if you're ready to dive in headlong.

Beer for All Seasons

This approachable book goes through the basics quickly and then winds its way through the seasons, discussing historical styles, listing beers for special occasions and highlights beer events around the planet.

Signed Books

Wewill be offering signed personalized copies of all of my books in the near future, so if you have a gift occasion for yourself or someone you care about, please consider this option.