You can buy my books wherever brewing books are sold. The best option is to head to your local homebrew store, as most stock my titles regularly, or visit a local independent bookseller. If you're purchasing online, I highly recommend the following sources:

Brewers Association Bookstore

More Beer

Copies of all the books are also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Signed and Dedicated Copies

Signed and dedicated copies are available directly from us through "Buy It Now" on eBay. For signed/dedicated books shipped within the US, we charge the MSRP, which includes media rate shipping via USPS. There are other shipping options available when you checkout, if you have a special shipping need or preference. When purchasing, be sure to include the name of the person(s) to whom the book is to be dedicated. I usually dedicate to first names but will dedicate to full names if you prefer.

NOTE: We have not yet got these links up and working. Please stay tuned. 

[Link to Radical Brewing "Buy It Now" on eBay]

[Link to Tasting Beer "Buy It Now" on eBay]

[Link to Mastering Homebrew "Buy It Now" on eBay]

[Link to Beer for All Seasons "Buy It Now" on eBay]

Wholesale Book Orders

My books sell well, are great sources of information for your customers and easy additional revenue for brewpubs and brewery taprooms, liquor/beer stores and homebrewing supply retailers. Books may be purchased wholesale in case lots (typically 18–24 books/case) from their respective publishers or distributors, shown below.

Radical Brewing
Brewers Publications
Boulder, CO

Tasting Beer
Beer for All Seasons
Storey Publications
Tina Parent

Mastering Homebrew
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For less than full case wholesale orders...